Bodo-Prolast Production Technologies

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Bodo-Prolast Profil Lastik San.A.Ş. with its 50 years of experience in creating dough mixtures & recipes is able to meet the customers demands in a short notice by providing a clean, modern and uncomplicated production principle.

Within our own laboratory we can carry out quality control tests of the war-materials supplied from the word's leading companies and we are also able to provide structural parameter tests of the mixtures and therefore to ensure traceability..

thanks to our R&D activities and mixture improvements we are capableof offering a product range with high-mechanical properties and high-surface quality.

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Our company is capable of designing and producing its own molds,fixtures and other kinds of special equipments depending on the production methods &requirements according to the customers needs , which gives us the advantage to meet the customers requests in the fastest way possible.

We expand our activities regarding the Product & Process improvement and perfection backed up by our accumulated Know - How. Our mold designs and product development projects done in a computer enviroment in accordance with the requirements of mechanical engineering and mold-fluidity analyses make it possible for us to provide the most effective feedbackon the customers demands. 

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We are able to produce various EPDM mixtures of different hardness and density in our extrusion-lines according to the customers demands.

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There are rubber -types which can't be vulcanized in the extrusion-lines because of their form and therefore are to be vulcanized in autoclave ovens with a high-pressure steaming of 7 bar & 165°, attached on their special forming-templates.

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The products are pressed-welded by diffrent type of machineries that we have in the company,such as pneumatic,hydraulic,injection,hose-injection and butt-welding presses.